Basin Seed Company

Basin Seed Company breeds, develops, and produces seed of proprietary bush snap bean varieties for professional fresh and processed bean markets around the world.

Basin Seed Company headquarters near Nampa, Idaho

Basin Seed Company headquarters near Nampa, Idaho





Established in 2003 by co-owners Ron Riley and Mike McKenna, Basin Seed is a small, independently owned company whose only focus is bush snap bean variety breeding, development, and seed production. 

Basin Seed Company is located in the world's premier seed production region of Southwest Idaho.

We are non-GMO. We don't patent varieties and genetic material, and we are not "pushing" genetically modified varieties, our own seed treatments, or other species. We simply breed and develop seed of the world's finest bush snap bean varieties.

With 11 years of breeding and development, Basin Seed now has several successful new commercial varieties in the market, with many more on the verge of release. We have developed new varieties coming soon of processor, fresh market, flat pod, extra fine, very fine, and wax varieties. 

Visit our Distributors page to source seed of Basin Seed Company's Bean Varieties.